Bins and Waste FAQ

Waste Collections

When are my bins collected?

To find out your bin collection dates please visit here.

What if my bin is missed at collection day/time?

We will not empty bins if they are too heavy, contaminated with waste that does not belong in that bin, placed out late or if it is over filled. If you think your bin was missed not due to any of these reasons, then please report it here.

Do I really need to have the bin out by 6:30am? I know they don't get to me until much later in the day usually.

Yes. Because we can’t be sure how many bins will be out for collection, then collection times can vary considerably. This can also be influenced at any time by other things beyond our control such as road works and traffic accidents. We will not return to collect bins that were not placed out on time, so service users are asked to ensure they are careful to comply with this requirement.

Can I leave side waste?

We accept no side waste for Refuse and Garden Waste collections. We will take an unlimited amount of Recycling side waste provided it is presented in a way that can be handled relatively easily. However please note we cannot take black sacks, and glass must be put in the bin and not presented as side waste.

Can I have help putting out my bins?

We offer a free assisted collection service for all those eligible, for more information please visit here.