Building Control applications

Types of building control applications

Building notices

A building notice is best suited to minor works in domestic properties. A building notice and can only be used in connection with certain types of buildings, if you are considering using this procedure for a different type of building please contact us for advice before submitting an application.

Unless you are confident in your knowledge of Building Regulations you should not begin work until you have an approved building notice from us.

When submitting a Building Notice the following should be included:    

  • A completed building notice form   
  • In the case of a new building or an extension, a location/block plan to a scale of 1:1250.    
  • The appropriate fee

Full plans application

A full plans application is used where you have already prepared detailed plans. The plans need to show full constructional details of the proposed works. This requires a thorough working knowledge of the Building Regulations and construction in general.

When submitting a full plans application you should include:

  • A completed full plans application form. In the case of a new building or an extension, a location/block plan to a scale of 1:1250 is required
  • Two copies of the plans, (to a scale of not less than 1:100), which should include floor plans, elevations and sections of the existing and proposed works. Where the property is designated under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 an extra copy of the plans are required
  • The appropriate fee

The plans will be thoroughly checked by us, for compliance with Building Regulations. If we are satisfied that the plans comply, a notice of passing will be issued. 

Regularisation applications

If you have already undertaken work and need to retrospectively apply for Building Regulations approval you should make a regularisation application. This applies to any work carried out after 11th November 1985.

Before we can issue a regularisation certificate we may require you to open up the unauthorised work for inspection and allow us take tests or samples. This is so we can ensure that Building Regulations requirements have been met.

To make an application for regularisation you will need:

  • A completed application form 
  • A plan of the unauthorised work

Demolition notices

Legally you should not start any demolition work unless you have notified us.

If you are intending to demolish the whole or part of a building you will need to notify us with at least six weeks notice prior to commencement of demolition works. 

You should also contact the planning department to determine whether you require planning consent and approval for demolition.