Apply for a Council House

Apply for a Council House in Lincoln

We have joined together with North Kesteven District Council to help residents find a suitable council home within the central Lincolnshire area.   

  • Properties are offered to families or individuals with the greatest housing need first
  • If you want to apply for housing in Lincoln you will need to register with Lincshomefinder online.
  • Please note that we receive an extremely high number of applications and the current processing time for applications is 8 weeks
  • If you want to apply for housing in North Kesteven contact North Kesteven District Council
  • Priority for social housing is given to those with the greatest housing need. It is unlikely that we would be able to offer accommodation to those with little or no housing need.

Housing need is generally defined as those who are

  • Homeless / threatened with homelessness
  • Occupying accommodation that is too large or too small for the household
  • Living in accommodation which is unsuitable because of medical reasons
  • Living in unsatisfactory or unsanitary conditions
  • Needing to move to give or receive support or for employment reasons

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, we strongly advise that you do not register for Lincs Homefinder and that you seek alternative accommodation such as in the privately rented sector.

City of Lincoln Council Allocations Policy 

Before making an application for a Council House please read: 

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Council House Application Forms

Forms to help you apply for a Council property

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