Planned improvements to your home

The Lincoln Property Standard

The Housing Revenue Account business plan will over the next 10 years (2016-2025) see funding made available for programmes of planned works to meet the enhanced Lincoln Property Standard.

At the beginning of each financial year you will be notified by letter if your property has been included within the Lincoln Standard programme of work for that year.

The Lincoln Property Standard programme includes:

Inside the property:

  • Heating systems: All properties will have a central heating system that is modern and cost effective to use and the boiler will be no more than 15 years old

  • Insulation: Where suitable all properties will have cavity fill and loft insulation to the 2015 building regulations

  • Electrical wiring: All properties will undergo at least a five yearly testing regime and wiring systems will be upgraded in line with testing recommendations

  • Kitchens: All properties will have kitchen units which at the time of letting are clean and serviceable i.e. all door frontages match and close correctly and worktop surfaces are not extremely scored or marked. Kitchens will be no more than 20 years old unless they are in very good condition

  • Bathroom: All properties will have either a full shower compartment or bath with over bath shower. Bathrooms will be no more than 30 years old unless it is in very good condition

  • Sheltered Housing: will have non slip flooring in the kitchen and bathroom areas

  • Sheltered Housing: will have lever taps fitted as standard to the kitchen sink, bathroom basin and bath.

Outside the property:

  • Roofs: Will be no more than 60 years old unless in very good condition.

  • Fencing and walls providing separation to and around public areas will be maintained in good condition

  • Drying area: All properties with a designated garden area for your sole use will include a line path and washing line or path to a rotary dryer

  • Communal areas: around flats and other grouped residence will be well maintained, free from graffiti, safe and pleasant to use. Internal stairwells will be clean, well decorated and lit

  • Sheltered Housing: will have a handrail installed beside the main access to the property where the gradient exceeds 1:20

  • Garage sites: Will be well maintained, provide modern parking facilities and be safe to use.

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