Resident Involvement

Review groups

As well as our Lincoln Tenants’ Panel, we also host two sub-groups that that look into specific issues. They review the service and the procedures through creating reports and issuing proposals based on gathering information from interviews with staff members and residents, checking us against the performance of other councils, reviewing our policies and procedures. Following this, they present this to housing management and executive including councilors.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about reviews that you would like to take place, please contact us.

Customer Repairs group

The customer repairs group has previously looked into the quality of information about the repairs service. They are currently reviewing the quality of the materials used in tenants’ homes. In addition, they are reviewing and supporting the work of the investment team, who maintain the housing stock through making a program of works that ensure we provide Decent Homes Standard and the Lincoln Standard.

Allocations and Tenancy Group

Allocations and Tenancy has previously investigated the council’s turnaround time for void properties, empty properties and the under occupancies of council homes. The group are currently reviewing the information and support we provide when a tenant moves into and leaves one of our properties. In addition, they are reviewing the complaints procedure that we provide for tenants when a grievance is reported.

If you would like to get involved with the current reviews, please contact us.

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