Data Transparency and Open Data

Salaries, Structure and Trade Union Facility Time

In line with the Government’s transparency agenda, we publish the salary bands of our most senior managers, together with brief job descriptions, responsibilities, budgets and numbers of staff, the organisational structure down to manager level and our pay ratio (the proportional difference between the average salary and the salary of the highest paid officer). We also publish our Pay Multiple, Organisation Chart and Trade Union Facility Time.

Senior Salaries

Information on our Senior Salaries includes:

  • no. of employees earning £50k+

  • details of remuneration and job title

  • name of employees earning +£150k

  • list of responsibilities, details of bonuses and benefits in kind

Senior Salaries - 2018/19

Pay Multiple

Information on our Pay Multiple includes:

  • cover all elements of remuneration

  • median earnings figure as denominator

  • excludes changes in pension benefits

The figures below are correct as at April 2020 and based upon full time equivalent salaries.

Ratio of highest paid and median pay - 1 : 5

Median pay - £25,176.00

Organisation Chart

Information on our Organisation Chart includes:

  • grade

  • job title

  • department and team

  • permanent or temporary

  • contact details

  • salary in £5k brackets (as Senior Salaries)

  • max salary for grade

Organisation Chart - February 2021

Trade Union Facility Time

Information on our Trade Union Facility Time includes:

  • total no. union reps (absolute & fte)

  • total no. devoting +50% of time to union duties (absolute & fte)

  • names of trade unions represented

  • spending on unions

  • spending on unions as % of total pay bill

Trade Union Facility Time  - 2019/20

Gender Pay Gap

The City of Lincoln Council is required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap

The Council's report snapshot date is 31 March 2020.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020/21