Lincoln Crematorium

Garden of Remembrance

The Garden of Remembrance is a natural area in the grounds of the Crematorium where cremated remains can be buried.  Cremated remains are usually buried in the area of month and year of cremation however they can be buried near to an area of a loved one. 

The Garden of Remembrance is a natural area, because of this we do not allow headstones, plaques, wind chimes, plants/trees, markers or similar we also request that flowers are left loose on the ground.  Tied flower bunches will be moved to the Book Room and unpermitted items will be removed and stored for six months prior to disposal.  Permanent memorials are available elsewhere in the Crematorium grounds. 

Alternatively you can have cremated remains buried in a cremation plot in a Cemetery.  Memorials in the Crematorium grounds are also available for people who are buried away from the Crematorium.