Zero Carbon Lincoln

Zero Carbon target by 2030

Zero Carbon footprint
Zero Carbon footprint

City of Lincoln Council’s Climate and Environmental Emergency Declaration

On the 23rd of July the City of Lincoln Council agreed a motion declaring a Climate and Environmental Emergency.

The motion includes a commitment for the City Council to achieve a net zero carbon target by 2030.

For more information please read the Climate and Environmental Emergency Declaration.

So we have declared a climate emergency …what are we doing now?

We know that we can’t address the climate emergency with a single idea. The Lincoln Climate Commission brings together minds, perspectives and expertise across disciplines and communities to foster the innovation needed to face the world’s greatest challenge.  The City of Lincoln Council is proud to be part of the Commission and are working towards a net zero target for Lincoln by 2030.

Working with the Lincoln Climate commission we have prepared the Lincoln Sustainability Toolkit to provide a one stop guide to sustainable living. It includes everything from saving energy to reducing plastics at home. Information about local cycle routes and how to people can transition from carbon consumer to carbon saver.  

You can access the Lincoln Sustainable Toolkit here

The Council’s first action, once the motion was passed, was to work with the Lincoln Climate Commission to produce the ‘Roadmap to (net) Zero Carbon Lincoln’ setting out Lincoln’s current Green House Gas emissions and projections for 2030.  The Commission approved the Roadmap at their meeting on the 7th of August 2020.

Environmental Policy

The City of Lincoln Council Environmental Policy sets out the organisation’s vision for delivering sustainable services and integrating the principles of sustainable development within all of its policies and strategies.

By promoting the efficient use of resources across the organisation, this Environmental Policy will also help the Authority minimise the impact of increasing utility and commodity costs, at a time when the Council must respond to increasing financial pressures.

Coming soon

  • The UK are hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which will take place in November 2021 in Glasgow.  As part of the build up to COP26 there will be a range of events in Lincoln so you can get involved. You can find more information about the events on the Lincoln Climate Commission newsletter
  • We are preparing the Lincoln Climate Hub – A new online tool to highlight the wide range of work underway in Greater Lincolnshire on climate-related issues, including feasibility studies, policies and strategies and a database of climate action
  • Lincoln 2030 A Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan for consultation, due to be available in December 2021

Contact Kate Bell, Climate Change Manager, for more information: