Lincoln Events, Tourism and Culture Creative Grant

Enhance our vibrant City with events for our residents and visitors to enjoy! 

Lincoln Events Tourism and Culture Creative Grants programme aims to provide support and investment to small-scale and emergent events and festivals within our city centre. The grants aim is to support artist’s and groups to stage festivals, events, or live performances to support footfall and economic growth for our Remarkable City.

Events should support growth, organisational development, and artistic innovation. These events will support the aims and strategy of events in Lincoln;

“To support the vibrancy of the city centre and uphill area by providing an all-year-round cultural experience for  residents & visitors that cements Lincoln as a key destination locally, regionally and nationally”

This funding is not about supporting large-scale established events, it is our intention the funding will provide necessary support for recovery and the staging of emerging local creative talent.

Grants of between £1000-£2,500 are available, please indicate the level of funding being applied for within the form below. Please note, all events need to be staged in 2024.

The city has a wealth of established event activity at peak times. We do not wish to further enhance these periods. We welcome applications to develop events where there may be an opportunity to create a new period of footfall into the City.

The applications outlined should be for events in the public realm that everyone can access.

The events are required to be free for all and should celebrate Lincoln as a place to place to visit and celebrate inclusivity, diversity and creativity.

Events should be designed to enhance our vibrant City as a place for our residents and visitors to enjoy! 

These events will compliment those already delivered in the City and those brought to the City by Events in Lincoln.

The deadline for applications is March 3rd, no applications will be accepted after this time.

No further applications are being accepted at this time

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your application, please email: