About the Lincoln Town Deal Board

Lincoln Town Deal Board

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The Town Board was established in January 2020 in order to lead the process of preparing and implementing the Town Investment Plan.

The purpose of the Board is:

  • To bring together public, private and community sector organisations to develop a strategic vision and Investment Plan for Lincoln which will drive economic growth for the benefit of all.

Read the Terms of Reference including details of the membership and wider governance arrangements, including the role of the City of Lincoln Council as Accountable Body for the Programme.

Read the Code of Conduct including details of the processes that all members of the Town Deal Board must follow. All Town Board Members have signed up to this Code of Conduct. The Council’s Democratic Services Team maintain details of interests held by members of the Board.

Read our Vision for Lincoln's Town Investment Plan.

Town Board meetings are held in public. Papers and minutes for all meetings can be accessed at democratic.lincoln.gov.uk