Maintenance and Investment Recovery Information

Urgent Repairs

We will carry out urgent repairs for properties in Lincoln within 0 to 3 days.

Work will only be undertaken where there are no signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

A screening questionnaire will take place at the time of booking the repair and a doorstep questionnaire by the workman before starting work.

Urgent repairs include:

  • Blocked drains 
  • Bathroom and Kitchen light repair
  • Smoke alarms - intermittent sounding
  • Replacement of smoke alarms
  • Cooker socket repair / replace
  • Dangerous stairs / stair rail
  • Partial loss of power - socket or lighting circuit
  • Electric shower repairs (only form of washing)  
  • Communal lighting repairs
  • No hot water 
  • Tap repairs (unable to use / leak / running)
  • Partial loss of water supply
  • Shower repairs (only form of washing)
  • Containable leaks
  • Soil pipe leaking internally
  • Toilet not flushing
  • Repair or replace locks (you are still able to use them)
  • Make broken glass safe
A chart showing examples of urgent repairs


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