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Employee training and development

The development of the skills of our employees and elected members is something we believe is paramount to bettering our community.

Our strategy defines that our main goals are:

  • Creating a developing and learning culture

  • Developing managers for the future

  • Performance management

  • Delivering development on the main aims and core values

  • Developing the future workforce

  • Responding to the national targets for education and training and to national vocational qualifications

  • Partnership working

  • Developing employees to meet the needs of best value and CPA

  • Supporting the development of skills to achieve e-government targets

  • Supporting employees to meet basic skills levels

Lifelong Learning Agreement

The Lifelong Learning Agreement made between Unions and we also have the stated aim of building and maintaining a culture where learning is seen as an integral part of the lifestyle of our employees.

If you’d like more information, please read our Lifelong Learning Agreement.

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