Landlords in Lincoln

Trusted Landlord Scheme

Due to the impact of student demand and the increase in the number of houses in multiple occupation, it was decided that an accreditation scheme would be developed for the rented sector in Lincoln     

The purpose of the scheme is to improve standards of accommodation, management of tenants and neighbourhood relations.  It also offers public recognition and support for landlords who participate in the scheme.

The scheme works alongside national, regional and local accreditation schemes operating within Lincoln:

You will need to be registered with one of the above schemes before applying for the Trusted Landlords Scheme.

Once you have been accepted for one of these accreditation schemes you can apply online to become a trusted landlord

Advantages of joining the Trusted Landlord Scheme

  • No need to undergo a fit and proper person test for HMO licensing   
  • No verification visit for HMO licensing, if the application can be dealt with on drawings and application forms alone
  • Any complaints made against you or your property will be referred to you for response (we reserve the right to investigate or inspect your property)
  • We will not include your properties in any pro-active enforcement exercises
  • We will refer potential tenants to you
  • We will use our rent deposit scheme for you
  • You can advertise your accommodation through
  • You can be included on this website as a trusted landlord