Street Parties

Information on how to organise a Street Party

What is a Street Party?

Information about the sort of street parties that groups of residents get together to arrange with their neighbours.

The main differences between a small private street party and other public events are listed below:

Street parties Other public events
Only for residents/neighbours Anyone can attend
Publicity only for residents  External publicity (such as online or posters)
In a quiet residential road, block of flats or local green space In buildings, parks etc
Self-organised Professional/skilled organisers
Normally no insurance Insurance needed
No formal risk assessment needed Risk assessment common
No licences normally necessary unless the sale of alcohol is involved Licence usually needed

Requirement for a Licence

As stated in the table above, if your event isn’t open to the public then no licences are usually needed.

However, if you plan to sell alcohol you will likely need to apply to us for a Temporary Events Notice. This is a temporary permission for licensable activities which costs £21 and covers events of fewer than 500 people, including anyone helping to run the event.

If you’re ever unsure as to whether you require a licence, you can contact Licensing via or 01522 87 3564.

Road Closures 

If you need to organise a road closure, please be aware this is a Lincolnshire County Council service.

Sometimes, in certain circumstances, they may allow roads to be closed for specific events being held on the highway.

Below is a link through to the appropriate page on their website, where you will find all the information you need. Alternatively, they can be contacted on 01522 782 070.

Register an event affecting the highway >

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