Temporary Event Notices

If you wish to hold a temporary event then you will need to provide us with a temporary event notice (TEN). Your event and application must adhere to the following conditions.

Please be aware that year starts 1st January.

There are two types of TEN, a standard TEN and a late TEN.

  • Personal Licence Holders can give 50 TENs in one year (of which 10 may be late TENs).
  • Non-personal licence holders can give 5 TENs in one year (of which two may be late TENs). (note - partners/business partners/civil partners are classed as one person).

If you are giving more than one TEN for the premises there must be a break of 24 hours between events.

You must give at least 10 working days notice for a standard TEN and not less than five or more than nine working days notice for a late TEN. A working day does not include weekends or public holidays, or the day the Licensing Authority receives the notice or the day of the event.

Premises can hold 15 events in one year.

The event

  • Each event can last no longer than 168 hours (7days)
  • The maximum number of days covered by TENs must not exceed 21 days in any calendar year
  • If the event goes on after midnight, then that is a two day event
  • The capacity must be no more than 499 persons including staff, performers etc. 
  • £21 per Temporary Event Notice 

The notice can only be valid if it is given in accordance with the Regulations made under the Licensing Act 2003. The Licensing Authority has no authority or discretion to disregard or alter the Regulations.

Provided the notice has been correctly made and the premises has not exceeded its number and you have not exceeded your numbers, then the Licensing Authority will acknowledge your TEN by signing a copy which will be returned to you. That is your authority to conduct the licensable activity or activities notified by you at the time and place specified by you on the TEN.

The Police or Environmental Health can object to the event. If an objection is made to a standard TEN then the objection will be heard by the Licensing Sub-Committee at a hearing. If an objection concerns a late TEN, then there will be no hearing and the event cannot go ahead. You will be informed if there is an objection. If you think that there is anything contentious about your event then you should consider contacting the Police and/or Environmental Health.

You must display the TEN at the event for all to see.

Organising an event?

  • Make sure you take event safety in to account.
  • Please note that If you are the premises user, you are the responsible person even if you are not present at the event.

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