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Before you start your development  

Outline planning permissions granted on or after 5th February 2018 will be liable to pay CIL prior to starting development.  As CIL liability is calculated at Reserved Matters stage there is no need to submit any CIL forms with the outline application.

  1. CIL Form - Planning Application Additional Information Request - The details in this form will enable us to establish whether or not your development is liable for a charge, and if so to calculate it accurately from the floor space areas you provide.
  2. CIL form - Assumption of Liability - This form confirms who is responsible for paying the CIL charge relating to the development. If it is not returned then the charge will default to the registered landowner and additional costs may be applied.
  3. CIL form - Commencement Notice - This form lets us know when your development is going to commence and will form the basis of the date that your CIL payment is due. This form must be returned no later than one day before development commences. If it is not returned a penalty will be added and full payment will be due immediately.     
  4. CIL form - Claiming Exemption or Relief  - If you are claiming relief from payment then you must also return this form prior to the commencement of the development.

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Annual Finance Report

CIL Regulation 62(4) (as amended) states that CIL charging authorities must publish a report on the Council’s website by 31 December each year, for the previous financial year which sets out CIL receipts and expenditure for the reported year.

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