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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL is a levy that local authorities can adopt and apply to new developments in their area.  The money generated from CIL will be used to support development by funding infrastructure such as schools and transport. 

CIL is charged on eligible development and is calculated using the size and type of development that will be created.

On the 5th December 2017 it was agreed by Full Council to adopt the Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule and the Regulation 123 List which sets out the elements which will be covered by CIL and Section 106 Agreements.

CIL will be implemented from 5th February 2018.  This means that following this date, any eligible development which is granted planning permission on or after 5th February 2018 will pay CIL (in addition to any developer contribution required by local plan policy known as Section 106 Agreements).

When a CIL will be charged

The following types of development are liable to pay CIL:

  • All development of 100 sqm or more of new build or extensions to existing buildings
  • Any new development that results in the creation of a new dwelling regardless of size
  • New development within the category of convenience retail

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