Empty homes in Lincoln

Enforcement action on empty properties

We recognise that boarding up unsecured properties, clearing overgrown gardens and prosecuting owners for accumulation of rubbish is not the long term solution.

We have a list of all known long term empty dwellings in Lincoln and monitor them closely to see if they are brought back into use.

All the properties are scored according to the number of complaints they generate, how much of an eyesore they are, how long they have been empty and other related factors. The properties with the highest scores are considered for further action.

We try to find out the ownership details and the reasons for the properties remaining empty. If we cannot encourage the owner to renovate the property and get it back into occupation, then we will give consideration to taking further action.

Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO)

Different Acts of Parliament give the council the power to acquire ownership of a property for different reasons. This is not an option that is taken lightly; there are lots of checks and balances to make sure the decision is the right one.

Enforced sale

If the council is owed money then it can force the sale of a property to recover its debts. The council can spend a lot of money dealing with empty houses and this is one way to get some of the money back.

Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO’s)

Authorisation to pursue an EDMO is issued by the court, and allows the council to take over the management but not the ownership of a property. The Council can renovate the home, rent it out and recover their costs from the rental income

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