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As the Council no longer provides a pest control service, if you have a problem with squirrels in your home, garage or attic please consider contacting a pest control specialist. 

Of all the species of wild mammals that are native to Lincoln, none are more frequently encountered than squirrels. Squirrels belong to the most successful and widespread order in the world, rodents. One of the main differences between squirrels and most other rodents is that squirrels have a rather large, bushy tail. All rodents are gnawing animals. Squirrels have well-developed jaw muscles and chisel-like front teeth that can chew through just about anything. These front teeth are kept sharp by gnawing on hard objects such as woody plant materials, seeds and nuts. A rodent’s front teeth grow constantly, so they must be filed down or they will grow to the point where they inhibit eating and the animal will starve.

Squirrels are basically vegetarians. They eat a wide variety of plants, but they mostly use fruits and nuts. In the autumn, they are especially attracted to oaks, hazel and beech.

One major cause of Lincoln squirrel problems is feeding, either directly or through a bird feeder. Should this food be reduced or eliminated, the squirrels often respond by chewing up nearby vegetation. Another major problem associated with an artificially fed squirrel population, arises from the usual lack of good nest trees for them to live in. Many squirrels that take up residence in an attic or garage ceiling can be traced to a feeding situation.

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