Animals and pests

Reporting a lost dog

If you have lost your dog and live in Lincoln, you need to inform:

  1. The animal warden you can inform the animal warden by using our online form.
  2. The Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels
  3. The nearest other District Council to the part of the city that you live in, either North Kesteven District Council or  West Lindsey District Council.

If your dog has not been handed in within 24 hours, then you should consider:

  1. Informing the lost and found section in the Lincolnshire Echo
  2. Requesting local radio stations to put out an appeal on your behalf
  3. Phoning your local veterinary centre
  4. Putting a post on social networking sites (for example, Facebook)

If you don’t live in Lincoln

For lost dogs in any other part of the country, you need to phone your local district council (the council that you pay your council tax to).

Costs for reclaiming your dog

You will need to pay a fine and expenses if you are collecting/reclaiming your dog after it has strayed. This is to cover the authority's expenses incurred by detaining your dog.

The fine amount is currently £25.