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Excessive dog barking

Dogs bark for different reasons. Constant barking or whining of a dog can be annoying for the neighbours. Often the problem occurs when the dogs’ owner is out of the house and so the owner is not aware until someone complains.

Dogs can bark excessively for the following reasons:

  • Over dependence upon an owner resulting in separation anxiety
  • Fear or phobic reaction to sights or sounds outside or inside the home
  • Territorial
  • Attention seeking
  • Social (for example, calling to other dogs in the area)
  • Barking in play or aggression (such as, two or more dogs living together)
  • Predatory/chase behaviour
  • Frustration
  • Senility

If you are a neighbour who is experiencing issues with a barking dog, it may be worth you at first talking to the owner - it may well be that they do not realise how severe the situation is when they are not around. If this is something you have already tried, or do not wish to try you can contact our animal warden by calling 01522 873378 who can help you resolve the issue.

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