Allotment Guide

Allotments sheds, greenhouses and structures

Sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels and other garden structures are allowed once you have written consent from us. 

You must not place or build your structure until you have completed an allotment structure request form and have received written consent from us.

Any structure you build must comply with the allotment rules, you should ensure that:

  • The structure is no bigger than 10ft by 8ft - some historical structures are bigger than this but are allowed to remain whilst they are in good condition
  • The structure does not have a concrete base as this implies permanency - you can site sheds and greenhouses on paving slabs or a temporary block base that can be easily removed at the end of your tenancy
  • The structure is safe, with good quality doors and windows 
  • You avoid leaving tools or other valuables on the site, especially if they are visible
  • You avoid keeping chemicals or fuel in the shed as this will encourage arson.
  • You maintain the structure in a good and safe condition - if the structure deteriorates or falls into disrepair we will ask you to improve or remove the structure accordingly

Sheds, greenhouses, polytunnels and other structures remain solely the responsibility of the plot holder to repair and maintain. We may take steps to ask you to repair/remove your structure if we feel it is dangerous. 

We reserve the right to ask you to remove unsuitable structures from the allotment site. Removal of such structures will be at the tenants expense. If the Council is forced to remove a structure from the plot, you may still be liable for the full cost of this removal. 

Contents left in sheds on all sites are solely the responsibility of tenant. The Council will not accept liability or responsibility for items left in sheds or structures on site which are stolen.