Allotment Guide

Composting at your allotment

We encourage allotment holders to compost on site any green waste materials created on their allotment plot. Compost makes good fertiliser for the plot and recycles waste, reduces costs and improves the quality of the soil on the plot.

It is important to create small contained heaps as larger compost heaps provide a habitat for vermin.

You should only compost waste generated from your own crops, do not bring material to compost from other properties such as your kitchen or other gardens. Any tenant found bring garden waste onto the allotment from elsewhere will be putting their allotment tenancy at risk of being terminated.

Council provided compost and bark chippings

The council does not deliver compost to any site. However, from time to time we do arrange for bark chippings to be delivered to sites. This is dependent on as and when our contractors have any available to provide for the sites.

Any available bark chippings are normally placed in a communal location on the site and are free for any tenants to use on a first come first served basis. Please do not be greedy and take only what you might need at the time.