Information on Allotments

How should I go about planning and laying out my allotment plot?

On the whole this is completely up to you. Try visiting the site and having a look around at how others have laid out their plots. If you see one you like, ask the tenant how they started and what they did. You never know, they may even come over and give you a helping hand.

The most important rule for new tenants is the 75 per cent cultivation rule. You will be expected to cultivate 75 per cent of the area of your plot – either for vegetables, fruit or flowers. The cultivated area can include any polytunnels/ greenhouses or composting areas.

This leaves 25 per cent for a shed and leisure area. A narrow access path of 50 centimetres minimum is required to run the full length of the plot on either side of the plot.

The plot should be clearly marked with the plot number, as stated on the tenancy agreement. This must be clearly visible from the main access track.