Information on Allotments

How much of a commitment is an allotment plot?

Taking on an allotment plot will require you to work hard – particularly in the early stages as you get the plot established. Also, the time needed depends on the size of the plot and how intensively you want to garden. 

When starting out, it is probably best to establish about a third of the plot. This allows you to see some progress and start growing things relatively quickly. If the remaining area is covered with black plastic sheeting (not old carpets or any other materials) this will reduce the weed growth and reduce the work needed to be done later.

We have a duty to ensure the city’s allotment plots are put to good use. This ensures that all available allotments are kept in good condition but also, because neighbouring plots can be affected by weeds spreading from neglected plots.

Plots are inspected regularly and any that are not being cultivated will be sent a letter requesting plots to be returned to cultivation within a certain timescale or the council will take the plot back and re-let it.