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Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste Collections 

If your wheelie bin isn’t emptied on your normal collection day, and the rest of your street or road wasn’t collected, please leave your bin out for collection the following day.

Please be aware there are many factors affecting your Refuse, Recycling and Garden Waste collections, including: 

  • More people at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Additional cars and vans are parked on streets - this is affecting Biffa Drivers manoeuvring 26 tonne vehicles on narrower streets
  • Some areas of the city now require vehicle marshals in order to gain street access - this is slowing down the collection of waste
  • More people at home is resulting in extra household waste - we also collect side waste with Recycling
  • The amount of extra recycling collected is the equivalent to every other house presenting 1 additional bag of side waste
  • Bin Crews are carrying out extra journeys collecting side waste, which is creating further delays
  • Biffa Collection vehicles are now travelling double the distance when compared to pre Covid-19 collection routes

Thank you for your time, continued patience and understanding.

Protecting your Waste Collection Services

City of Lincoln Council in partnership with Biffa are striving to maintain your waste collection services throughout this difficult time.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing some access problems caused by parked cars, which we understand may be due to more people either self-isolating or working from home.

We ask if you could please leave at least 9 foot 6 inches (2.9metres) between parked cars on the opposite side of your street on your respective bin collection days. Thank you.

Please ensure your waste is presented for collection before 7am on the days of collection, you may wish to put it out the night before.