Bins, Recycling and Waste

Clinical and Hazardous waste pickup

We offer collection of clinical waste (such as needles) and hazardous waste where this is no risk of infection.

Only where a particular risk has been identified, based on medical diagnosis, does waste need to be treated as hazardous. If the waste is identified as a risk, we will collect it from you. Lincolnshire County Council will make the necessary arrangements in relation to bagged clinical waste where there is a risk of infection (if necessary, your doctor or health visitor will advise).

Sharps collections

We will arrange for the fortnightly collection of sharps boxes and will provide you with a replacement box ready for your next collection. To order a sharps or clinical waste collection please contact us directly on 01522 873 423.

Non-hazardous / medicinal hygiene waste

Unless the waste is infectious, medicinal or a sharp it can be disposed of in your black wheeled bin or purple sacks. The following examples may be of help:    

  • Non-hazardous dressings, non-hazardous disposable instruments (that are not sharps) and non-hazardous incontinence products can be suitably wrapped and placed in the domestic refuse waste stream
  • Non-hazardous stoma bags and catheter bags can be emptied down the toilet and the bags themselves can then be suitably wrapped and placed in the domestic refuse waste stream

Medicinal waste

This should be returned to your local pharmacy. 

For more information please contact our customer services team.

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