Bins, Recycling and Waste

Collection of large or bulky items

We provide two options for getting large or bulky items removed if you aren’t able to use the HWRC service.

  1. A free service to those that qualify for the free scheme.
  2. A great value charged service for those who do not. Details on both are set out below.

We only provide a free collection for bulky items to residents if:

  • A registered disabled person makes the request, and does not have an able bodied person living with them.
  • The person making the request is eligible for state pension, is unable to move the item themselves, and does not have an able bodied person living with them.
  • The person making the request is suffering from a temporary disability, and does not have an able bodied person living with them.
  • The person making the request is pregnant, and does not have an able bodied person living with them.
  • The person making request is in receipt of a means tested benefit (usually but not limited to Housing or Council tax benefit).
  • Please note that Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits alone do not entitle you to this service. 

If you are eligible book a collection

Please call 01522 873 423 where we will confirm the collection details with you.

  • If you already have a booking you don’t need to take any action, other than to place your bulky item outside on the planned collection day.
  • If you wish to cancel your collection, please let us know as soon as possible.

When will we collect the item?

We collect items every Wednesday. You should allow for up to four weeks for collection, though normally we can collect sooner. You will be advised of when your collection will take place when you book.

If you have qualified and booked a Bulky Waste Collection, please note the following:

  • We will not collect items from inside a person’s domestic property
  • All items must be placed kerbside on the day of collection before 6:30am or the night before. Please think of wheelchair users and pushchairs when putting your item out for collection
  • If you are unable to put it kerbside it must be on the boundary of your property and the boundary of the public highway or footpath and you must notify of us of this
  • To assist disabled customers we will, on an agreed basis, collect from your gardens or driveways. Please note that we will not collect from inside your property
  • We will only collect the items you requested upon making your booking, if the items change you must notify us 48 hours before your booked collection.  We only collect what is on our list as detailed by you the customer
  • You are not permitted to book another bulky collection within 3 months of your confirmed collection date.  This is regardless of items changed or not collected because we were not notified 48 hours before your booked date.

How many items can be collected?

Three items can be collected at one time, and you can make one request in any three month period.

What can be collected as part of the free service?

We cannot take all materials. Examples of items which can be collected:

  • Any general household furniture, for example: chest of drawers, wardrobes, chairs, settees, beds, mattresses, carpets,  tables, bookcases, shelves etc.
  • Any electrical items, for example: washing machines, tumble dryers, cookers

Examples of items that cannot be collected;

  • Pianos
  • Paving slabs
  • DIY items - doors, glass, baths, toilets, washbasins, windows
  • Fridges, freezers, paint, gas cylinders, asbestos, wood

What to do if you are not eligible

Unfortunately we do not provide a free collection to those who are not eligible, so you might want to consider one of the following two options:

1. You could take your items to the tip

You can take large and bulky items yourself to the Household Waste Site at Great Northern Terrace, there is no charge for disposal.

2. Or pay for a collection

You may wish to consider paying for a collection.

We have partnered with West Lindsey District Council to offer a charged service for collection of bulky items that gives great value for money.

To book a collection from West Lindsey District Council 

Book a paid collection

Items that are collected under this scheme are such as free-standing furniture and appliances such as: table and chairs, washing machines, carpets, suites, beds, wardrobes, cookers and similar (including fridges/freezers).

Items we are unable to collect include: garden green waste, bricks, concrete, tyres and car parts, cast iron boilers, plasterboard.

You can find alternative commercial registered waste carriers online if you type 'waste collection services in Lincoln' into your website browser search bar. Please make sure that you use a professional waste carrier at all times, and that you get a waste transfer notice. If your waste is fly tipped, and you have not met the legal obligations as owner of the waste, you remain liable for prosecution.

Disposing of your domestic fridge or freezer

We do not collect fridges and freezers for free, if you are able to transport your fridge or freezer to the Household Waste Site at Great Northern Terrace there is no charge for disposal.

Fridges and freezers can be taken with other items as a part of the charged service described above.

If you simply have a single fridge or freezer to be removed it might be lower cost to call, 01522 533488. They make a £20 charge and there may be a waiting list.