Paying your rent

How to claim a rent refund

Download and print the rent refund form. 

Fill in all sections of the form. It is important that you enter your bank account/building society details at the bottom of the form to enable us to pay you quickly. If you do not have an account for us to transfer money to, leave this section blank and we will pay you by cheque. In order to have the cheque cashed you will need to come to City Hall for the cheque to be ‘uncrossed’. Please bring two forms of identification with you. We cannot cash a cheque without identification.

We automatically check other accounts you hold with us. We will use the rent credit to pay off accounts that hold a debt. You can opt out of paying any other debts by ticking the box within the form.

If you are claiming the credit for someone else we will require to see a letter of authority from the tenant to enable us to do this.

If the tenant is unable to write a letter of authority due to ill health then we will ask you to send a copy of the Court of Protection order as proof that you are acting as their deputy.

If the tenant is deceased and you are acting as the Executor, we may ask for documents to prove this to enable us to pay this credit to you.