Council leaseholders

Our rights and responsibilities as your landlord

We have the right to:

  • Make decisions about managing your block
  • Make decisions about repairing, maintaining and improving your block and its communal areas gain access to your flat in emergencies
  • Make you comply with the terms and conditions of your lease

We are responsible for:

  • Keeping the structure, exterior and common parts of your block in a fit state of repair (for example, the roof, gutters, drains, window frames and communal entrances and lighting)
  • Repairing and maintaining other communal areas (such as drying areas, gardens and parking areas)
  • Insuring the building, including your flat and its fixtures, but not the contents (your personal possessions)
  • Consulting you about any major work or improvements costing any leaseholder more than £250
  • Charging you for ground rent, management costs, repair, maintenance and improvements to  your block and its communal areas and other services (service charges)
  • Ensuring you pay your service charges
  • Consulting you about changes that will affect our service

Contact the Housing Team

Address: City Hall
Beaumont Fee

Telephone: 01522 873333