Council property repairs

Repair Timescales

The timescale that your repair will be completed by depends upon what category it has been placed in.


Where a vital service has broken down and is likely to cause risk to you, your family or neighbours, your home or your belongings. This will be made safe within 24 hours.

Examples may include:

  • Total loss of water supply
  • Major water leak (which is causing a flood)
  • Toilet blockage or toilet unable to be flushed, note: toilets can be flushed by using a bucket of water (where there is no alternative toilet)
  • Blocked flue to a boiler or open fire
  • Total loss of electric power
  • Overflows and taps continually running
  • Where the property can not be secured (eg: insecure low level window & doors)
  • Smoke alarms constantly sounding
  • Dangerous structures
  • Regaining entry where a tenant is accidentally locked out.  However a charge is likely to be made in this instance

Routine repairs

Are those that can wait without causing inconvenience to tenants. These will be done within 20 days.

Examples may include:

  • Heating replacements
  • Leaking gutters
  • Roof leaks to garages or outbuildings
  • Window and roof repairs (where they are not leaking)
  • Fences and gates
  • Boundary walls 
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin 
  • Toilet blockage where there is another toilet in your home
  • Broken sanitary fittings when they can no longer be used
  • Extractor fan in kitchen or bathroom not working

Deferred works

Some repairs may be delayed for a period of time. This may be because we:

  • Are aiming to get better value for money by putting together a number of the same type of jobs, for example fencing repairs
  • Are limited by our repairs budgets for that year, and need to delay the non-urgent repair for a given time period
  • Are unable to undertake certain jobs in some seasons, such as tree lopping and repairs to concrete paths