Your Home

The Right to Buy scheme

Who has the Right to Buy?

You probably have the Right to Buy if:

  • You are a secure tenant, and
  • You have been a public-sector tenant for a total of three years or more (this does not have to be continuous)

You cannot buy your home if:

  • A court makes a possession order that says you must leave your home
  • You are an un-discharged bankrupt
  • You have a bankruptcy petition pending against you (someone has applied to court to make you bankrupt)
  • You have made an arrangement with creditors (people you owe money to) and you still owe them money

Anti-social behaviour

We are committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and will consider legal action against anyone who behaves in an anti-social way. If you, members of your household or visitors behave anti-socially you may risk losing your Right to Buy. We can apply for a court order to suspend (put off) your Right to Buy your home for a specified period on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. If the court grants this order, it would end any application you had already made and stop you applying again while the order was in force.

If we have applied for a court order on the grounds of anti-social behaviour, we also have the right to refuse to complete a Right to Buy sale until the matter has been to court. If the court makes no order, we can complete the sale, but if an order is made, it will end your Right to Buy application.

Sharing your Right to Buy

You may be able to make a joint application to buy your home if the other applicant has lived with your for the past 12 months and is either;

  • A joint tenant with you
  • Your husband, wife or civil partner
  • A family member

Exceptions to the Right to Buy

There are some types of property that you are not allowed to buy under the Right to Buy scheme. You can find details in the Government’s booklet Your Right to Buy your home.

If you would like to speak to someone about the Right to Buy please contact our Right to Buy Officer.

For the stage of the Right to Buy scheme please download "Your Right to Buy your home".