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Your Home

Finding a more suitable home

If a lot of work is needed to make your home manageable, it may be that the sensible solution is for you to move to more suitable accommodation.

You can apply to us for alternative accommodation as soon as you feel that you aren’t coping with your present home. You should contact the us on 01522 873777. It may be worth asking if your family are able to assist you.

Older tenants may be eligible for our Group and Sheltered Housing schemes you can find out more in the dedicated section on our site.

If you have a child with a disability, and you think there may be difficulties managing your existing home as the child gets older, you should contact us on 01522 873777 to discuss the possibilities of a move.

Things to consider:

  • Should you ‘downsize’?
  • Is your home too big for you?
  • Would you like to save money on rent and running costs?
  • Have you considered moving to a smaller property, flat or bungalow?

You can contact the Property Shop on 01522 873777 or visit the LincsHomefinder website for more information.