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Tenancy Fraud

As a public sector landlord we have a responsibility to house those in the greatest need. With a limited number of homes available and a waiting list of many hundreds of people wanting to rent a home from us, it is important that only those who have a right to live in one of our homes actually live in them.

Tenancy fraud is where someone lives in a council property without having any right to live there. Examples of tenancy fraud are illegal sub-letting, key selling, not living in the property and lying about your housing circumstances and/or identity when applying for one of our homes. We will evict people who have committed tenancy fraud.

We have a tenancy fraud policy and a strategy to tackle tenancy fraud.

If you believe someone is committing tenancy fraud, please contact us on (01522) 873333. All calls will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and, unless you wish us to do so, we will never disclose to the alleged fraudster who has given us the information. We will investigate all reports of tenancy fraud.

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