Towns Fund Projects

8. Wigford Way (Feasibility)

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Lincolnshire County Council

Project Description

The project will produce a detailed feasibility work to identify better options for the design of the route. Detailed public consultation and feedback obtained will be used to inform the best design option. 

To inform project ideas to improve the walking and cycling environment and public realm along Wigford Way and St Mary’s Street, a key east west corridor in the centre of Lincoln, linking the Lincoln Transport Hub with retail and commercial areas including High Street and Brayford Wharf. 

Traffic flows along the route have reduced significantly following the pedestrianisation of Lower High Street and the development of the east west link along Tentercroft Street. As a result, there is no longer the need for the capacity the road was originally designed for and a four-lane route is no longer viewed as necessary.  This presents a significant opportunity and potential to reassign the highway space for use by others, improve the public realm and the walking and cycling connectivity across this part of the city. 

The scheme will transform a key existing route in the heart of Lincoln improving the public realm and enhancing Lincoln’s historic core. 

The improvements will seek to capitalise on the reduction in traffic in the City Centre following the opening of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass and provides an opportunity and a catalyst to redevelop the wider area and stimulate further economic growth. 

Total project cost: £340,000 

Town Deal funding: £340,000 

To view the outcomes of this project, please see the downloads section of the website.