Houses in Multiple Occupancy

Houses In Multiple Occupancy

Article 4 Documents and Resources 

On 1st March 2016 the City of Lincoln Council introduced an Article 4 Direction within the City of Lincoln which means that you need planning permission to convert a family dwelling to a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

The direction relates to development comprising the change of use from a use falling within Class C3 (dwelling houses) of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1997, as amended; to a use falling within Class C4 (houses in multiple occupation) of that Order, and removes permitted development rights for this type of development.

Planning permission will therefore be required for change of use from Class C3 to C4 from 1st March 2016. 

Is my property a House in Multiple Occupation?

A HMO is a property occupied by 3-6 people who are not from 1 ‘household’ (for example a family) but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen.  It’s sometimes called a ‘house share’. A household consists of either a single person or members of the same family who live together.  It includes people who are married or living together and people in same-sex relationships. The rules concerning larger HMOs with 7 or more occupiers still require planning permission.

In addition to Planning Permission, a HMO must have a licence if it is occupied by 5 or more people find out about housing licensing here.


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