Ending your tenancy

Key things to remember once ending your tenancy


When you have finished clearing the property please leave it locked up and secure.

Don’t forget to hand all the keys, including any shed, garage and any communal entrance door keys, into City Hall by midday on the Monday the notice ends


Have these read or make a note of the readings yourself and tell the gas and electricity providers so that they can close the accounts


Tell the water company about ending the tenancy so that they can close the account

Please turn off the mains supply stop tap when finished with the property to stop any damage from leaks or burst pipes, especially in the cold weather

Council Tax

Please tell Customer Services at City Hall so that Council Tax charges can be ended.


You can arrange for any post to be directed to your address through the local post office, there is a small charge for this service

Gas appliances

You should get a Gas Safe registered engineer to disconnect any gas cooker and any gas fire that were owned by the tenant. Please do not disconnect the Council’s gas fire if there is one fitted.

Phone, cable and satellite TV

You will have to tell the service provider about the death to end any service being provided

TV licence

Inform the licensing agency of the death, you can find out more here

Others you should inform

Contact any insurance companies, banks, building societies and any other agents the tenant had contact with.

You will need to notify the Department of Works and Pensions of any income support, pensions or any other benefit that was being paid. 

You will need to notify us if a council garage was being rented.

You only need to give us one weeks notice to end a garage tenancy, you can use the same form as you use to notify us of the end of tenancy.

The same applies to garage tenancy rent as housing rent - any outstanding rent needs to be paid from the tenant’s estate.

You can hand the keys into City Hall earlier, but please ensure they are handed in before the end or on the date of the notice period.