Ending your tenancy

Key points to remember

  • In all cases you must give us four weeks notice of moving, if you don’t have four weeks notice you will still be charged four weeks rent even if you have moved out
  • If you are moving to another City Council property we may accept a shorter notice
  • You will need to allow an ‘end of tenancy’ inspection of your home during the notice period. This will help us identify anything that you may be charged for after you leave and could save you money
  • You must not move out and leave someone still living in the property
  • You must leave the property in a good condition as agreed with the Housing Officer during the ‘end of tenancy’ inspection
  • You must leave your property, including gardens and garages, in a good order

You can find more detailed information in our ‘Ending your council tenancy’ leaflet, which also includes the form that you need to send back to us by post to:

Directorate of Housing and Community Services
City of Lincoln Council
Beaumont Fee