Already homeless?

Please contact the Housing Solutions Team on 01522 873 777 or email Housingsolutions@lincoln.gov.uk for advice

YMCA Lincolnshire and The Nomad Trust provide emergency access accommodation in the form of a night shelter.

We advise you to call the Night Shelter before arriving on 01522 504 589 to check availability.

Nomad Night Shelter
St Rumbold Street
LN2 5AR 

01522 504 589

Report someone who is sleeping rough in the City of Lincoln

If someone is currently rough sleeping within the City boundary call 01522 873 351 or email lincolnroughsleeping@lincoln.gov.uk

A member of the Rough Sleeping Team will then make contact with you in order to assist.

There are a number of supported housing providers within the City who may be able to help including: