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The garden service

We offer a free garden service to our tenants who are 65 or over and to tenants of any age who are unable to cut their grass or hedge due to physical disability or frailty. Tenants must also have:

  • No able bodied person living within the household
  • No practical support from any other active family member who lives locally

Hedge cutting

These cuts take place three times a year only, once in February/March, once in June/July and once in October/November. Cuttings will be cleared away.

Grass cutting

Grass will be cut eight times a year between March and November, including one clearance of all cuttings in May. The number and the frequency of cuts each year will depend on weather conditions. If it is dry and hot, the grass will not grow as quickly as in wet weather. The grass cuttings will be blown or swept from any footpath but will not be collected, other than in May.

Apply online

You can apply online for this service today, our officers will then be in touch for further details and arrangements. You can also apply on behalf of someone else.

Apply for help with your garden