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After you apply to make changes

Once your application form has been received, we will impose a set of standard conditions as follows:

  • You must meet the full cost of the proposed work including the cost of any alterations to existing services, fixtures and fittings necessary to enable you to carry out the work
  • The work must be carried out by a competent person. Where necessary, the work must conform to the standards required by Building Regulations and planning consent
  • The work must be carried out to our satisfaction. It must be completed within six months of our permission being granted
  • You will be responsible for any damage to your home or to neighbouring property as a result of the work

You must allow access for us to inspect the work. In addition, we may impose specific conditions on certain types of improvements or alterations.

Once permission has been granted and the work has been carried out you will need to complete a Notification of Completion of Tenants Improvements form.