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Apply for parking permit

Apply for a parking permit in Lincoln

You can use this service to apply for a parking permit within a Lincoln resident parking zone. The permit types you can apply for are:

  • Resident parking permits
  • Visitor parking permits
  • Business parking permits
  • Parking permits for houses in multiple occupation (such as student accommodation)

You can only apply if your home or business address is within a residents parking zone

All permits are valid for 12 months

Once your application is paid for you can park straight away using a temporary reference number. 

Before you start

To use this service you will need:

  • A payment card 
  • Your vehicle registration, make, model and colour
  • To know how many permits are already assigned to your property (if any) - you can have a maximum of two permits per property
  • Proof that you live at your address, such as a:
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Proof of purchase solicitors letter
    • Bank statement
    • Utility bill
    • Council tax bill