Car parks

Season tickets and scratch cards

Our season tickets are available for either monthly or annual durations. Season tickets are issued to be primarily used at one of three main car parks in the city however it can also be used in other designated car parks.

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All annual season tickets start from the 1st of April, although they can be purchased from April through to September. If you purchase a ticket in May, June, July, August or September, the cost will be reduced by 1/12 for each month past April.

Monthly tickets may be purchased for use all year round, and start from the first day of the month of purchase.

Season ticket costs

Main Car Park Annual Cost Pro rata Payment May  Pro rata June  Pro rata July Pro rata August Pro rata September Can also be used at
Broadgate £985.50 £903.38 £821.25 £739.13 £657 £574.88 Chaplin Street and Langworthgate
Central Car Park £1261.70 + £10* £1157.39 + £10* £1053.10  +£10* £948.77 +£10* £844.47 +£10*

£740.16 +£10*

Can only be used at Central Car Park
Lucy Tower Street £1251.70 £1147.39 £1043.10 £938.77 £834.47 £730.16 Chaplin Street, Langworthgate, Tentercroft street and Broadgate
Tentercroft Street £1251.70 £1147.39 £1043.10 £938.77 £834.47 £730.16 Lucy Tower St, Chaplin St, Langworthgate and Broadgate
The Lawn £985.50 £903.38 £821.25 £739.13 £657 £574.88 Can only be used at The Lawn

*The £10 is a deposit for the Season Card which is is only required when making the initial application. This is not payable when renewing a permit. The deposit will be refunded when the Season Card is returned to us.

Low emissions discount

Where only one registration is displayed on an annual season ticket and this vehicle is in bands A to C for low emissions (less than 120 g/km), then we can issue a £75 reduction once we have seen the V5 document (logbook) for the vehicle. Contact the parking office if you require further details.


We also offer daily car park scratch cards, to use on any of our pay and display car parks. These are available to buy online. A book of seven scratch-cards costs £45 and each scratch-card is valid until 8am on the morning after the date scratched off.

For those who park regularly in the evening, we offer a book of 15 evening scratch-cards for £25.00. These are valid on any City Council pay and display car parks between 5.30pm and 8am the following morning. As with daily scratch-cards, simply scratch off the relevant information and display the card in your windscreen when parking.  

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