Car parks

Electric vehicle charging points

Electric charging vehicle point

Electric charging points are available at:

  • Broadgate multi storey car park - 2 charging points
  • Lucy Tower multi storey car park  - 2 charging points
  • The Lawn car park - 2 charging points
  • Lincoln Central car park - 12 charging points

Charging point information:

  • Broadgate and Lincoln Central car park have a Fastcharge wall mount with two 32A sockets
  • Lucy Tower has a Combicharge wall mount with one 13A socket and one 32A socket
  • The Lawn has a Fastcharge unit
  • You will need to pay for parking as normal while charging your vehicle.

Plugged-In Midlands

You may wish to register with Plugged-In Midlands which offers a convenient way of charging your electric vehicle across the East and West Midlands.

Access to their charge points is provided via a ‘simple to use’ membership RFID card. To register for a card and for more information visit

For the full network of electric vehicle charge points in Lincoln and across the UK visit Zap Map