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Car parks

Pre-book car parking in Lincoln

At some sites, payment for parking is available only at the car park.  Find your space first and then continue to make payment.  Details for each car park is on the Parkonomy booking site.

Make a booking

How much does it cost to pre-book?

There is a 20p service charge on all bookings. Optional SMS text confirmations and reminders are 10p each.

How far in advance can I pre-book?

There is no limit on how far in advance you can book.

Do I need to display confirmation of my booking?

There is no need to display anything in the vehicle. The Civil Enforcement Officers will be made aware of all Parkonomy bookings.

Do I need to park in a designated space?

There are no designated spaces for Parkonomy bookings, you can park in any space within the car park.

How can I pay?

To pay online you will need a debit or credit card.