Planning Applications

Before you apply

Pre-application service

We welcome and strongly encourage discussions with homeowners or developers before submitting a planning application. This service provides you the opportunity to fully explore your proposal with us and find out what information you need to support your planning application.

Pre-application planning advice will help to reduce the number of unsuccessful applications by identifying and addressing any possible issues before submitting a full planning application. This can save yourself or your client money and time by reducing the chance of plans being rejected and further fees and costs being raised.

Currently there is no fee for submitting a pre-application. 

Apply for pre-application

Householder pre-application (home owners)

  • Covering advice for all extensions and alterations to your home

Non-householder pre-application (commercial)

Covering advice for:

  • the erection of houses/flats on brownfield or greenfield sites
  • new build or extensions to commercial premises,
  • the change of use or subdivision of a dwellinghouse
  • the change of use of land, the replacement of a dwellinghouse
  • the erection of non ancillary buildings within the garden, for example. the erection of a new dwelling within the garden
  • the display of advertisements
  • alterations to shop fronts alterations to Listed Buildings

Strategic pre-application service (large developments)

This is aimed at larger developments which usually involve consultation with a wide varying number of agencies.

For this level of service a team will be set up to advise the developer and help speed the application through to final approval. Most development teams will involve a core of officers from Planning, Building Control and Highways but any other specialists can be brought in as required, such as Environmental Health, Licensing and the Fire Service. Meetings will be held at regular intervals. 

Please contact us to arrange this service.

Contact Planning

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