Planning Applications

Comment on planning applications

We only have a limited time to consider applications, so any comments you wish to make should be submitted online or in writing to us before the consultation expiry date.

You should focus on the planning issues as these influence the decision making process. We cannot take other non planning related comments into consideration.

If you send comments on an application you will be informed in writing of the council’s decision on that application although due to the large number of responses the Council receives, it is not possible to respond personally to each letter.

The issues that are relevant to the planning decision vary with the nature of the proposal and the particulars of the site.

The most common material considerations (the list is not exhaustive) but includes:

  • The Council’s published planning policies. These are in the Central Lincolnshire
  • Local Plan adopted April 2023
  • Central government planning guidance
  • Scale and height
  • Overlooking
  • Highway safety and congestion
  • Noise and disturbance from use
  • Air pollution
  • Risk of flooding
  • Design
  • Appearance
  • Layout
  • Conservation of buildings
  • Effects on trees
  • Loss of light

We cannot take into account

  • Loss of view
  • Loss of property value
  • Breach of restrictive covenant
  • Loss of trade to a competitor
  • The level of profit a developer might make
  • Personal circumstances of the applicant or reason for applying for planning permission
  • Moral objections e.g. to uses such as amusement arcades and betting offices
  • Matters controlled under Building Regulations or other non-planning laws,
  • Private issues between neighbours e.g. land/boundary disputes, damage to property, private rights of way, covenants etc
  • The development has already started or been completed

Please do not:

  • Provide anonymous comments
  • Provide a signature - these are not required and do not add weight to comments received
  • Request your comments are kept confidential, or provide information you wouldn't want to be made public - e.g. financial information, medical information etc
  • Provide personal information or make personal judgements regarding anybody else - e.g. the person who has submitted the application 

Provide your comments online

The easiest method to comment on a planning application is via our Public Access system. You can comment, support or object to a planning application here:

View or Comment on Planning Applications

Guidance on Submitting Comments Online

Other ways to comment

If you don't wish to provide your comments online you can provide your comments in writing. 

Your comments and confidentiality

Planning applications are open to the public and press. Any comments sent to us whether by letter, email or online will have to be made available for public inspection and published on our website in order to comply with the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.  

For this reason, your comments cannot be treated as confidential. Please ensure that you only provide information, including personal information belonging to you that you would be content to be made available to others in this way. You must also ensure that you have read the guidance notes regarding the ‘Confidentiality of your Comments and Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)’ before you send any comments to us.

Contact Planning

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Address: City of Lincoln Council
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Telephone: 01522 873 474