Renting or buying a home in Lincoln

What to expect when renting

There are a number of things to consider when looking at renting in the private sector, some of these are listed below

  • A deposit – usually four weeks rent
  • A months rent to be paid in advance when moving into a new property
  • Rent should be paid as a priority
  • You will be expected to sign a tenancy agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions of renting the property, this will also include details of what you can and cannot do in the property and what your responsibilities as a tenant are as well as the responsibilities of the landlord. Read this carefully as it is a legal document
  • Tenancies in the private sector usually last six months, you may be able to negotiate a longer tenancy. After the initial period a tenancy can be extended by a fixed period or on a rolling month by month basis
  • Some landlords offer a house share with other tenants which may be suitable for you needs, you will generally rent a bedroom to yourself and share kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. Be clear about which bits are shared and where your responsibilities lie
  • Some landlords may offer furnished or part furnished properties
  • The Landlord may ask for references from previous landlord, be prepared to provide these.