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Animal identification

We do not currently offer animal identification services.

Dog owners have a responsibility under the law to prevent their dogs from straying and causing injury or damage.

A dog owner is legally required to ensure their dog is microchipped, wears a collar and tag with the name and address of the owner. You can read more about microchipping on Gov.uk.

Other animal such as cats and rabbits could also benefit from permanent identification.


Microchipping is a procedure in which a computerised capsule, the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the skin of an animal. The number that this chip contains is unique to the animal and once registered will contain the animals medical history and owner details. The insertion process is a quick and virtually painless procedure. This can be done at your vets. 


A tattoo is a permanent and visible means of identification, which requires no anaesthetic or sedation. This can be done on various animals including dogs, cats and rabbits.

For more information on tattooing, please visit The National Dog Tattoo Register website.

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