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Arranging a funeral

The period immediately following the death of a loved one is a very distressing time, yet it is a time when a number of very important decisions need to be made.

When arranging a funeral the family or the executor of the deceased’s estate must decide whether the funeral service will be a burial or cremation. The next step is usually to contact a Funeral Director, however, it is possible to make arrangements directly with Bereavement Services, call our team on 01522 873646 or email bereavementservices@lincoln.gov.uk.

We can provide impartial advice and assistance on funeral service arrangements. At Bereavement Services, we also work closely with Funeral Directors to ensure that the funeral is carried out in accordance with the family’s wishes.

You can download a map of the locations of the crematorium and cemeteries here.

Funeral costs

You can download our fees and charges for Bereavement Services.

If you arrange a funeral you are responsible for paying the bill. If you are finding it difficult to pay for a funeral that you have to arrange, you may be able to get a Social Fund Funeral Payment providing you are on a low income, visit the Gov.uk website for further information.

For further information or advice on arranging a funeral, please use our online bereavement services enquiry form.

Bereavement Services

Tel: 01522 873646

Email: bereavementservices@lincoln.gov.uk

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