Downsizing Scheme

If you currently have spare bedrooms in your home and want to downsize, we want to help you move to a property more suitable to your needs.

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To join the scheme, you must:

  • Have one or more spare or unoccupied bedrooms
  • Be a Secure Tenant
  • Leave the property vacant - no household member remaining in the property or made homeless
  • Give the Council access to perform a property inspection before your move

You may not be successful if:

  • You live in a property with aids or adaptations that a member of your household still needs
  • You have any serious breaches with your tenancy
  • There is no funding available

If your application is successful, you will receive a basic payment of £2000. You will also be paid an additional £500 for each bedroom that you give up.

This payment will be made once you have signed for the new tenancy and ended your former tenancy.

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